NEW Product: Matt Waldman’s RSP Dynasty Rankings & Two-Year Projection Package (June)

Due to popular demand, Matt Waldman’s RSP is offering complete dynasty rankings and two-year projections as a 2021 product. Details inside. 

Do you do complete dynasty rankings? Where can I find your projections? I would love to buy your rankings/projections?

I’ve heard this from RSP readers for years, and I’m now in a position to give this a try in 2021. I’m testing this out next year to gauge the response. If it’s worthwhile, I’ll make this an annual product. You can also order this at

This will be a separate product from the current RSP package and nothing from the original RSP package will change. Here’s the breakdown of each product:

The Original RSP Package — $21.95 ($19.95 during the pre-order discount period through 12/28/20) Pre-Order Now

  • RSP Pre-Draft Publication (April 1).
  • RSP Post-Draft Publication (No later than a week after the NFL Draft).
  • June through December Newsletter.
  • Three-Year Rankings from past three rookie classes updated three times between May and December.
  • Excel or .PDF format.
  • Price: $21.95 and $19.95 during the pre-order period.

The RSP’s Dynasty and Two-Year Projection Package* — $24.95 (Pre-Order Now)

*There may be minor changes as I’m still working out specific details.


  • Overall and positional rankings–QB, RB, WR, and TE.
  • Includes active NFL players at the above positions from any draft class with a reasonable shot at an NFL roster spot.
  • Rankings updates in June, August through December, and once in either February or March of the following year.
  • Rankings will include tiers.
  • There will be light commentary for some players.
  • .PDF or Excel format.
  • You will be subscribed to a newsletter that announces new updates and how to access them.


  • Will cover at least active-roster QB, RB, WR, and TE on each NFL team.
  • Projections include data for the first and second seasons.
  • Data will include:
  • Attempts
  • Targets
  • Receptions
  • Completions
  • Yardage
  • Rushing
  • Receiving
  • Passing (QBs only)
  • Touchdowns
  • Rushing
  • Receiving
  • Passing (QBs only)
  • Completion Pct. (QBs only)
  • Yards per Catch, Carry, Attempt.
  • QB(s) passing yardage will match the team receiving yardage.
  • .PDF format
  • Likely an Excel format with areas where the reader can update the following variables:
    • Touches: Attempts and Targets
    • Percentages: Team Run/Pass Pct., Completion Pct. and Catch Pct.
    • Touchdowns
    • Yards Per Attempt, Carry, and Catch

There will be little overlap between the RSP publication and the Rankings/Projections. If you’re looking for the answers, the Rankings/Projections will give my view of what those answers are.

If you’re seeking to learn about the players and the who, what, why, and how behind the answers, get the RSP publication.

There is no early-bird discount for the Rankings/Projections Package but depending on how the test-year goes, I may create a bundled discount for purchasing both products. Again, you can order either package here.

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