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Enjoying football, Matt Waldman wants to ensure you get the most from the Rookie Scouting Portfolio experience. 

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The RSP Pre-Draft/Post-Draft Publication Package

If you like what we do at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio site, you will lose your mind over the annual publication package the way so many in this link have shared. If you’re a big-time football fan, football writer, or fantasy player, the RSP publications are fan-tested, pro-approved.

It’s the best work I do and it supports everything I do — the site, the podcast, the YouTube video work, my Instagram, and my Twitter feed.

You can learn more with these video tours of each publication (and 10 percent of each sale goes to a great cause). Download the RSP and automatically get my monthly newsletter through December.



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Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast

The RSP Cast is over a year old and I’m grateful for your tremendous feedback. A new bi-weekly podcast from Dwain McFarland and J Moyer called The Fantasy Film And Data Pod will also be available on the RSP Cast channel.
Episodes worth your time:
Ways to subscribe to the RSP Cast and Fantasy Film And Data Pod:
If you’ve enjoyed the RSP Cast thus far and haven’t rated and reviewed it, please do so.

YouTube Channel: Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room


With 321 episodes strong, the RSP’s YouTube Channel features short- and long-form video analysis of college players featuring guest writers, coaches, and players. You can subscribe by clicking the bell in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

The College Draft Podcast with Ross Tucker And Matt Waldman


I’m excited to be sharing my thoughts on future NFL rookies as Ross Tucker’s co-host. We discuss nine players from three games each week and then dig into the NFL Draft as the season ends.


Matt Waldman’s RSP on Instagram

I have 2-3 years of NFL clips with commentary on this site. If you want to see how my studies of the NFL inform my analysis of pro prospects, this is a great resource.


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