Matt Waldman’s RSP Scout Talk with Russ Lande: Rookies Who May Need a Second Team, On-Field Intangibles, and Camera Angles

In this episode of the RSP Scout Talk podcast, Matt Waldman and Russ Lande share eight rookies who may need a second team to achieve NFL success, on- and off-field characteristics of mentally and emotionally resilient players, and the value of studying players with the All-22 and the broadcast angle. 

What do Ben Barch, Denzel Mims, Brycen Hopkins, Isaiah Simmons, Jordan Love, and three other rookies have in common? They’re players that Russ Lande and I think might need a second team to unlock their skills.  In addition to discussing the rationales for our thoughts on these eight players, we also delve into stories about on-field intangibles that matter about football prospects—including stories about Russell Wilson, Adrian Peterson, Nick Chubb, and Peyton Manning.

We also share where we find broadcast tape valuable for the evaluation process and why more open-minded organizations will eventually incorporate it into their film study as a supplement to the All-22 and other camera angles that are becoming available.

We finish the episode with a conversation about the realities of football and sport returning during the pandemic.

With the exception of the final segment, it was another fun episode for your listening pleasure.

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