Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: Scout Talk with Russ Lande (Coaches, Coordinators, QBs, and WRs)

This week’s edition of Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Scout Talk with Russ Lande debates the merits of Daniel Jones and Carson Wentz, the value of head coaches and offensive coordinators, Lamar Jackson’s current performance, and thoughts on a pair of intriguing wide receiver prospects for the 2021 NFL Draft. 

If all financials were equal, would you rather be the head coach of Carson Wentz or Daniel Jones? What’s more vital for NFL success a great head coach or an elite quarterback?

These were the questions owner Joe Bryant broached privately on our staff message board this week. I thought they were also good questions for me to discuss with former NFL and current CFL scout Russ Lande.

Lande also added the value of offensive coordinator into the mix. Alex Gibbs, Bill Parcells, Marty Schottenheimer earned relevant mentions during this conversation about development and the role of the coach, the player, and the coordinator.

We then discussed Lamar Jackson’s 2020 season that has been in the spotlight because the public is reacting as if the 6-3 Ravens are 3-6. Is Jackson the problem? Is the staff? Or are both part of an imminent solution?

And how long do we define ‘imminent?’

We finish the show with thoughts about a pair of big, strong, and tough wide receivers on the college scene: Wake Forest’s Sage Surratt and Temple’s Branden Mack.

You may find Lande’s comp for Surratt surprising in some respects and Waldman’s thoughts on Mack esoteric but according to Lande, gets to the inner nature of the role of scouting.

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