Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.290 #UNC WR Dyami Brown: Releases and Route Setups

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines a release pattern and a trio of route setups from 2021 NFL Draft prospect, WR Dyami Brown of North Carolina.

Dyami Brown sounds like a marketing name for a model of wide receiver.

Yes sir we have several colors in the Dyami Deep Threat receiver series: Dyami Blue, Dyami Green, Dyami Yellow, Dyami Black, Dyami Red, and Dyami Brown. We also offer the Waddle Deluxe model if you’d like to compare before you make a decision. 

Brown has the physical skills of an NFL receiver. Athletic ability rarely registers any excitement from me about a player—maybe 1-3 players at a position, if that—each year. It’s so uncommon for a player to dominate the NFL solely on the basis of his athletic ability.

A player’s technical skills and ability to conceptualize what’s happening on the field and turn that to his advantage excites me a lot more.

While Brown’s techniques and conceptual understanding of the game aren’t off-the-charts good for an NFL Draft prospect, he’s heading in the right direction when it comes to releases, setups, and catching the football (even if in the video below you’ll see him commit a focus drop). The trio of routes profiled below reveals a receiver who is developing the technical and conceptual aspects of his game in a way that complements his physical talents.

While it may be more prevalent for NFL Draft prospects, it’s not as common as you’d think when examining the wide receiver position on the college level as a whole. In fact, I’ve had conversations with scouts that, while we’ve seen a lot of top receivers make an immediate impact during the past two years, the wide receiver position has been a relative disappointment to what the expectations should be based on what appears to be a wealth of pre-NFL development opportunities.

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