Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No. 285 WR Rondale Moore #Purdue Routes And YAC

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines the technical and conceptual knowledge of 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Rondale Moore. 

There’s a lot of Rondale Moore’s tape that isn’t much different from what you’d see if you watched Tavon Austin, Jakeem Grant, Richie James, or Keke Coutee. Although I have additional thoughts on the upside potential for James and Coutee, none of these players is a weekly starter without injuries to his respective team’s depth chart.

And it wasn’t long ago when Austin was a first-round pick and considered an exciting and versatile weapon. What we learned is that Austin never developed the route skills to evolve from gadget to standalone receiver.

Moore has standalone receiver skills. He may never become the next Steve Smith in terms of becoming an undersized receiver who can win in the vertical game against tight coverage that defines one aspect of the traditional primary receiver, but Moore has enough game to be a productive mainstay in many NFL offenses.

He’s a budding technician when releasing from the line of scrimmage who understands the concept of “patient but sudden,” when facing man-to-man coverage. Against zone coverage, Moore has a feel for the triangle of defenders. And in the open field, Moore gets that being the aggressor leads to big plays.

You’ll see all of this below.

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