Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.278 WR Tamorrion Terry (FSU): Handle Needed

Matt Waldman’s RSP takes a first pass at FSU wide receiver Tamorrion Terry’s game and discovers that Terry has work to do when it comes to ball handling as a pass catcher and runner. 

Tamorrion Terry is a name in the prospect conversation with sizzle. Whenever I stumble across a message board or social media conversation about NFL Draft prospects, someone lauds Terry as must-see-TV.

Terry has a frame that resembles Randy Moss and segments of the Seminole fan base love the idea of touting Terry as if he’s a chance to re-experience “the one that got away.” On some targets, Terry even catches the ball like Moss.

SOME targets.

Comparing Terry to Moss is like comparing Toni Morrison to Kim Kardashian. Both are novelists and both have skills (even the oft-denigrated Kardashian is a savvy human being), but one has a ghostwriter. At the end of the day, both will likely earn a nice living as authors, but they’re skills still dwell in different universes.

The targets where Terry looks like Moss are targets where most wide receivers could adopt these affectations of style and get away with it. When a receiver needs technique backed with substance, Terry’s game falls apart.

Whether it’s how he attacks the target or carries the ball as a runner, Terry much improve his handle. It’s impressive that Terry can track the ball to a late window of arrival and make a catch, but looking pretty in a situation where it increases the risk of dropping the ball in traffic or losing potential yards after the catch is not going to work in the NFL.

This brief analysis of a Terry reception against Arizona State is indicative of what I’ve seen with Terry’s pass-catching in contested situations. He must learn to attack the ball at the earliest window.

On a broader level, Terry must attack the ball away from his frame more often and use a uniform hand position so he doesn’t lose control of the target after contact. Once he has the ball, he must find a way to keep his long arms cinched high and tight to his frame.

He fumbled the ball twice in this contest, including a lost fumble during a drive reaching midfield late in the game that could have been the difference in the outcome. This isn’t the only game where his issues show up.

Terry has the potential to be a good NFL wide receiver one day. However, he must become the best Tamorrion Terry that he can be and not an affectation of Randy Moss. If he learns the difference, he has a good chance to succeed.

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