Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: 2021 RB Prospect Brain Dump

Matt Waldman does an RSP solo podcast about several running back prospects from the 2021 NFL Draft class. 

Apologies for not delivering an RSP Cast last week. I was busy finalizing much of my running back board for the 2021 Rookie Scouting Portfolio and Russ Lande took a new job as the head of U.S. scouting for the Montreal Alouettes. Congratulations to Russ, who will join me once again for future Scout Talk episodes next week.

So, I figured it was a good time for a brain dump on running back prospects.

  • How does 2021’s class compare to 2021 at the top of the board?
  • Who are the 4-6 backs 2-3 tiers below the top of the board? Why do they have the promise to develop into lead backs and potentially feature backs if they address one currently lacking in their game, but their volatility is great enough that we may never see them earn extended time on the field?
  • The prospect that reminds me of a young Tiki Barber.
  • The runner who has a lot of the positive qualities of Melvin Gordon to his game but makes 3-4 confounding decisions per contest that hold him back.
  • The back whose game I want to love, but can only like.
  • The player that I like as a future starter but may not have as high on my board as people will expect.
  • Why Eddie Lacy and LeGarrette Blount shouldn’t be negative comparisons for runners and there are two that may fit those comparisons in some ways. Going further, why LenDale White shouldn’t be a negative either unless you have done your homework well enough that you’re making an off-field comparison and not an on-field one.

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