Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No. 301: QB Desmond Ridder #Cincinnati #Bearcats vs. the Blitz

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines 2022 NFL Draft prospect Desmond Ridder handling a difficult blitz package from the University of Georgia during last year’s bowl game. 

Desmond Ridder has the physical tools of a top-flight NFL starter. The real question is whether he has the refined skills to make the transition from University of Cincinnati to the pros.

Ridder can lean too much on his arm strength to the detriment of a play, which is a common issue for top-flight college throwers of the football. You’ll read a lot of analysis that broaches this topic. I’m most concerned about his arm talent getting in the way is when Ridder lacks anticipation with specific routes where the coverage should dictate an earlier throw.

I’ll share more about his flaws at another time. Where Ridder’s game offers encouragement for additional growth is his handling of pressure.  In last year’s bowl game, Ridder’s management of a difficult Georgia blitz package results in a first down and it’s an excellent display of pre-snap and post-snap diagnosis, pocket feel, and in this case, anticipation of the route break.

The more Ridder can display skill for handling difficult scenarios like this one, the more confident I’ll be in his future as an NFL talent.

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