Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room: #UNC RB Javonte Williams’ Integrated Technique

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio Boiler Room examines the integrated skills of North Carolina running back Javonte Williams’ contact balance, pad level, and footwork. 

I covet running backs who can put it all together on the field. Many of you probably imagine this different from what I mean.

You may imagine me watching the tape and checking off criteria play after play…

He ran through safety head-on on this play (checks off direct contact balance).

He used a jump cut to avoid penetration later in the quarter (checks off jump cuts under the category of Elusiveness).

He dropped his pads and pushed through contact for extra yardage (checks off pad level and second effort).

 You’re right in picturing me doing these things, and most of the backs who demonstrate a sum of their skills over a collection of isolated plays become good NFL running backs.

I want there to be a density of the film when I study a prospect. The ones I covet show you a lot in one play. It’s a great sign that they know how to leverage their athletic ability, technique, conceptual understanding of the game, and intuition to deliver winning play on a per-snap basis.

Javonte Williams is one of these players. When you watch his film, there are often 4-5 things that stand out about his game during one play that often takes 3-4 plays to find the same number of things when watching other backs.

Two of the four plays in this RSP Boiler Room are densely-packed moments of film.

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