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Who is this Matt Waldman guy? What is the Rookie Scouting Portfolio? What’s this all about?

Sean Douglas, a reader and fantasy writer, suggested I maintain a running page with information that folks like you and Sean can send people to find out about me and what this is all about. Sean suggested my posts that complement my views on evaluating players, podcasts that give new folks a good idea of what I bring to the table, and possibly topics outside of football.

Good ideas, Sean.


The Rookie Scouting Portfolio

On the NFL, scouting, and the development of football players

On position-specific techniques, strategy, and concepts


  1. Hey there, been really a fan of your work going into year 3 now. First year was the Eric Kendricks year where after watching your videos along with my own eye test, I really felt strongly about him being a top 20 pick. I get to go to Mankato every year and do photography for Vikefans.com and spoke with Mr. Kendricks and talked to him about the bucket steps, his brother, film study. Also told him you know you weren’t 45th best player in the draft. All he did was smile, because he knew it but wasn’t going to say it.
    Anyways had a request, Im a Vikings diehard, and already diving into draft season again. With AP surely done in Minny I’ve been watching tape on RBs that I think will be 2nd round or further down due to Bradford trade and no 1st rounder. One guy who has really caught my eye is D’Onta Foreman, from Texas. At just under 6 foot the 240ish lb RB has great skills and would like your opinion on Foreman. IMO I see the vision and running style of Le’veon Bell without the high end agility and stiff arm techniques. But in open field look god awfully simular. Maybe Im wrong, but really would like to see a video breakdown of your assessment of D’Onta Foreman. Thx Jason @VikefansBeast

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