Matt Waldman’s RSP Quick Game with Mark Schofield: Playoffs, Senior Bowl, QBs Moving On

Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman deliver an RSP Cast Quick Game focused on the NFL playoffs, the 2021 SeniorBowl, and quarterbacks moving on from their teams, if not the league. 

This week’s RSP Cast menu:

  • Is it over for Drew Brees? What we learned about quarterbacking from watching him.
  • Are the media’s calls for [insert big-name free agent wide receiver here] in Baltimore putting the cart before the horse when considering Lamar Jackson’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Our thoughts on the Dolphins souring on Tua Tagovailoa and whether this would be a real story if DeShaun Watson wasn’t potentially on the market.
  • Is Ben Roethlisberger done? If so, what have we learned from watching him? If not, where could he end up?
  • We Told You So Segment: Tom Brady in the NFC Championship.
  • Thoughts on the Chiefs-Browns Division Playoff.
  • Thoughts on the Saleh/LaFleur pairing in New York, what it could mean for Sam Darnold, and why Matt would love to see Ohio State’s Tre Sermon in that offense.
  • How the Falcons may proceed with their personnel plans under new head coach Arthur Smith?
  • With the Combine effective canceled, is the Senior Bowl more important, and if so, for whom?
  • Mark and Matt’s funniest Senior Bowl stories.
  • Our most memorable Senior Bowl conversations with coaches, players, or scouts.
  • Thoughts on a prospect we’ve watched this week.
  • Why Trey Lance’s reading of the field is more of a positive than a negative if you understand what he’s instructed to do in the North Dakota State offense.

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