Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Episode No. 40: The Role of NFL GMs with Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman

Scouting Academy Director Dan Hatman returns to Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast for a conversation about the role, hiring, and complexities of being a general manager in the NFL.

It’s hiring/firing season in the NFL, which means that roughly 25 percent of the league will be conducting searches for its next general manager. Dan Hatman — a former NFL scout with the Eagles, Giants, and Jets and the director of the Scouting Academy — returns to the show for an in-depth discussion about his annual piece at Inside the Pylon profiling the role and responsibilities of the GM position as well as categorizes potential candidates for jobs that will become available.

Although this podcast throws out some potential names, the conversation is focused on the challenges of the role in ways that are rarely considered or acknowledged when tuning into your favorite big-media sports host or columnist:

  • Constraints GMs face that columnists and talking heads never think about when criticizing or praising the work of a team.
  • Skills that GMs need that the public doesn’t consider.
  • Why ownership is the most vital resource for the success or failure of a GM.
  • Dan’s case for ownership to give at least some consideration to GM retreads instead of total banishment.
  • GM candidates Dan thinks the public should know a little more about.

Although there’s no discussion about prospects, this podcast is a good table setter for the draft season ahead because when questions get raised about team direction, what’s discussed here is often the root of the issue.

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