Matt Waldman’s 2018 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Will Include A Subscriber Newsletter!


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Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio continues outperforming its draft grade. Details inside.

I hope this post finds you well.

When I began the Rookie Scouting Portfolio in the spring of 2005, I wanted to create a draft guide that both the hardcore draftnik and fantasy owner would value.

Your support of the RSP has helped it grow into a publication, a website, and a YouTube channel with a reach that extends beyond draftniks and fantasy owners. Two years ago, I had a pair of former NFL veterans recognize me in line at a Starbucks between Senior Bowl practices, and as John Elway stood there regarding me with curiosity, they interrupted their conversation with the Hall of Fame quarterback and Super Bowl-winning GM to share their appreciation for my work and what it taught them.

It’s these interactions with readers and viewers that have made the RSP beyond rewarding.  As a way to build on that goodwill, I have something new in store.

Beginning this spring, I will be writing a newsletter exclusively for subscribers to the current RSP publication.

The RSP Newsletter will be available monthly between June and December. Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Analysis of camp news involving rookies and emerging options.
  • Analysis of preseason action.
  • Exclusive insights on future rookie prospects.
  • Updated thoughts on player values short-term and long-term.

Most of you fantasy owners who’ve contacted me know that I’m a believer in the long-term approach with young players. I often tout the value of the RSP pre-draft ahead of the post-draft.

However, I realize that many of you engage in a short-term strategy. While I will not be re-ranking players with regularity based on the media drama of the NFL and fantasy news cycles, I will share my perspective on major events – even if it means that, sometimes, I’m restating my original advice from April or May.

Like previous years (and based on your suggestion), I will be offering a pre-order discount period for the 2018 Rookie Scouting Portfolio beginning December 20 and ending January 8. Here’s a running list of the players that I’ve already studied for the publication.

The pre-order discount is my way of showing appreciation for those of you who value the year-round work that goes into the publication.

I also offer my sincerest thanks that many of you prefer to pay the full amount for the RSP, and you’ll be able to do that again with a pre-order between January 9 and March 31 – or when the publication is available for download April 1.

I hope you enjoy a holiday season filled with great moments among family and football,

Matt Waldman

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