Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.55: The NFL Combine, Character Assessment, and Intelligence Testing

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast goes in-depth with his unique perspective on the value of the NFL Combine, character assessment, and intelligence testing in an episode that delivers the goods. 

Before we even get into the topic, I want you to know that this is the best solo podcast I’ve done to date.

I’m often asked about the NFL Combine and there are several assumptions people make about my relationship to the event. The range of assumptions is startling.

Some believe that as an analyst who does a lot of film study that I find no value in Combine data. Others think I’m glued to the screen analyzing every little piece of information I can absorb. Many assume I am at the event.

In this week’s RSP Cast, I take a deep dive into the NFL Combine and the related pre-draft assessments of character and intelligence:

  • The primary purpose of the event.
  • The media’s perspective.
  • Why the NFL Combine is an audition and how that differs from the on-stage performance.
  • How drills differ from game scenarios and when that can lead to a demand for skills that don’t fit a game environment.
  • Where scripted performances like drills and Pro Days give good information but where they are limited.
  • The limitations of popular events within the NFL Combine and Pro Days.
  • What I value about NFL Combine drills.
  • Bigger-faster-quicker-stronger isn’t necessarily better and the value of compensating factors.
  • Player archetypes
  • Where character assessment goes wrong and the organization management flaws that drive these errors in data collecting.
  • Why real player interviews for jobs are different from media interviews will never be available for public consumption.
  • Intelligence testing and the academic specializing in intelligence testing that told the NFL in-person that its use of the Wonderlic is trash.

If you want a different look at the Combine that delivers my years of perspective as a talent analyst, and media interviewer/features reporter, and an organizational manager of large teams with experience in recruiting, hiring, and training various levels of workers, I believe you’ll love this pod.

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