Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast No. 18: Wide Receivers with The Sideline Hustle

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast hosts Drew Lieberman of The Sideline Hustle, one of the best resources available to the public about wide receiver play.

If you’re a serious fantasy football player or a diehard fan who wants to absorb as much knowledge as you can about the game, Drew Lieberman and his site The Sideline Hustle is one you want to follow.

Lieberman spent two years at Mark Schofield’s alma mater of Wesleyan University as the team’s wide receiver coach (like Mark, he also played quarterback there). Before Wesleyan, he worked at Rutgers in the role of player development as an assistant with offensive coordinator and former National Championship-winning football coach Ralph Friedgen and wide receivers coach Ben McDaniels (yes, Josh McDaniels’ brother).

Our conversation was one of my favorites thus far:

  • Things the general public needs to learn about wide receiver play.
  • What is the coverage triangle and why success with reading it is something the public aspect of scouting underestimates?
  • Drew’s commandments on releasing from the line of scrimmage.
  • A continuing discussion about stride length that I had with Gene Clemons about Randy Moss and Steve Smith and carried it over with Drew.
  • The craft of running vertical routes.
  • The craft of running intermediates.
  • The craft of executing breaks and why Michael Irvin’s advice to A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and Greg Little was isolated to one idea and not all breaks.
  • His favorite NFL receiver as a route runner not named Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham?
  • His favorite rookie NFL receiver entering the league.

Like the RSP, The Sideline Hustle is about the value of the process. Lieberman’s teaching tapes on wide receiver play are the best I have seen online. They’re brief, packed with information, and visually helpful. You can watch them 3-4 times and get a ton from them.

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