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  • Fantasy Throwdown – Free Weekly Fantasy Football

    Fantasy Throwdown – Free Weekly Fantasy Football

    Try Fantasy Throwdown – a free, simple, convenient and fast way to play every day that will keep you coming back for more. Fantasy Throwdown is a game with one-on-one match ups allow you to challenge anyone, anytime. You can play 20 times in a week or you can play once a month – whatever […]

  • Play Fantasy Throwdown – Super Bowl Style

    Play Fantasy Throwdown – Super Bowl Style

    Taking a quick break from studying pro prospects to encourage you to check out Fantasy Throwdown – the best, most addictive 1-on-1 fantasy football game around. Free to play, try it during the Super Bowl with your friends. My friend and Throwdown partner Mike MacGregor shares an idea for playing Throwdown at your Super Bowl […]

  • Reads Listens Views 12/7/2012

    Reads Listens Views 12/7/2012

    Listens My bud Adrian is traveling through Asia. He met a Dane in Thailand, who hipped him to this Norwegian soul singer-instrumentalist. If you want proof that the world is round just let this pass through your brain one more time: A Texan in Thailand having a guy from Denmark recommend a Norwegian musician who sings […]

  • Waldman vs. Waldman: A Spousal Throwdown

    Waldman vs. Waldman: A Spousal Throwdown

    My wife and I have watched football together once. It was the last Alabama-Georgia match up. It was when I discovered the depths of her insanity. Our viewing taught me what my wife knows, likes, and dislikes about football: Her dad is a Cowboys fan, but “they’re kind of sucking” right now. The Ravens are […]

  • Reads Listens Views 11/21/12

    Reads Listens Views 11/21/12

    Listens – Some soulful, Thanksgiving blues from a Frenchman who could swing his tail off. Great, great, musician. Press ‘play’ and read on. About ‘Reads Listens Views’ Thanks to folks like my buddy Josh Norris at Rotoworld, Joe Goodberry, and Eric Stoner, I have new readers. If you’re one of them, I hope you enjoy […]

  • Reads Listens Views 11/16/2012

    Reads Listens Views 11/16/2012

    Listens More on La Havas later. Views Part I – Real or Photoshop? I don’t care, it’s cool . . . At Fantasy Throwdown: Annual Thanksgiving Tourney & IDP Tourney!!! To our regulars out there, thanks for playing Fantasy Throwdown, including providing feedback and helping build a great community of fantasy football players.To our mailing list […]

  • FantasyThrowdown.com Tourney

    FantasyThrowdown.com Tourney

    If you’re new to the RSP blog or you haven’t tried FantasyThrowdown.com you ought to go over there today. It’s free, one-on-one, weekly fantasy football with drafts that take minutes and are so convenient to do that you’ll find yourself in multiple games before you even realize it. Throwdown has PPR and Non-PPR formats and […]

  • Reads Listens Views 11/2/2012

    Reads Listens Views 11/2/2012

    Views – Part I Lance Zierlein has a gift. The Sideline View blogger has Jon Gruden down cold (check out the final minutes of this episode). When he told Sigmund Bloom and me about his Crawfish Draft, I knew it was just the kind of nut-job humor that the football-obsessed would love. After you see this, […]

  • Fantasy Throwdown Tourney Results Round 2

    Fantasy Throwdown Tourney Results Round 2

    Throwdown Tourney Round 2 Results October 30th, 2012 Round 2 is in the books for our “For The Heck Of It” Tournaments. A few matches were still to be decided from the San Francisco 49ers-Arizona Cardinals yawner on Monday night. For those who didn’t manage to stay up for the duration, Larry Fitzgerald was tackled […]

  • Frank’s Flops Week Two: A Caravan of Panic

    Frank’s Flops Week 2: The Caravan of Panic What a week! The Packers lose, the Saints lose, the Giants lose, the Jets scored, and Frank went 14-6! Hell, Roger Goodell even lost! What’s next, panic in the streets? There might have been if the commish took the stand and testified that he put the hammer […]