Play Fantasy Throwdown – Super Bowl Style

Taking a quick break from studying pro prospects to encourage you to check out Fantasy Throwdown – the best, most addictive 1-on-1 fantasy football game around. Free to play, try it during the Super Bowl with your friends. My friend and Throwdown partner Mike MacGregor shares an idea for playing Throwdown at your Super Bowl party.



Super Bowl XLVIIIt is finally upon us, Super Bowl Week! The lead up to the biggest game of the year. It took 256 regular season games plus 10 playoff games over 21 weeks to get here since opening kickoff back in September to showcase the Baltimore Ravens versus the San Francisco 49ers for Super Bowl XLVII (a.k.a. 47) and the Lombardi Trophy (a.k.a. all the marbles).

Of course I’m biased, but this is a great time to play Fantasy Throwdown, and to introduce people to Fantasy Throwdown, or in a broader sense, fantasy football. Okay, sure, the player pool is much smaller than a normal Throwdown match of three NFL games, and with the Block it is possible for someone to take a goose egg at kicker, defense, or ~ gasp ~ even quarterback if they aren’t careful (and if their opponent is cut throat).

On the plus side, this is a biggest game of the year, so even your buddies who aren’t hardcore football fans like you or I, they will be watching the Super Bowl and they can get a taste of what this fantasy football thing is you keep yammering on about. That is… if they have some specific players to root for.

Not to mention everything else about Fantasy Throwdown works great to get newcomers invested in our hobby. The format is simple – two players, head to head. The time commitment is minimal – draft in as little as a few minutes. It is completely free, as you know. It makes for a great little challenge mixing skill and luck to see who can come out on top picking the best performing players on the biggest football stage.

Super Bowl Party Idea

For my Super Bowl party I’m going to set up two laptops, each logged into Throwdown with two new accounts. Then as people start arriving before the game, I’ll pair them up to face off against each other for a Throwdown match. The pair of combatants has their own Throwdown to see who wins, and also by using just the two accounts they’ll form two groups, with a cumulative score to see which side wins.

Yes, we’ll still have a squares board and my annual Super Bowl Quiz, but this should add a fun fantasy football twist to the event. Feel free to use this idea for your get togethers on Sunday! Hmm… maybe I’ll cover my keyboard with plastic wrap, to protect from spills.

If you want to show your friends what to expect from a Throwdown draft, here is one I drafted last week against the current number one ranked player from our NFL Playoffs Tourney, Scott Kuff:

Mike vs. Scott Kuff, Super Bowl Throwdown

NFL Playoffs Tournament

Speaking of our NFL Playoffs Tourney, I know most of us took things slow last week with our final round Super Bowl matches, but now… its… Super Bowl Week! Get in there and get your matches done. It is very unlikely any new injury info is going to come our way between now and Sunday, so don’t wait to the last minute or your opponent may not be available to finish. Make your pick(s) if you’re up, and use the pre-draft feature.

Have a great week! Thanks as always for supporting Fantasy Throwdown, and enjoy the big game!

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