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  • The Gut Check No.279 – Assessing the Quarter Pole of the Fantasy Season

    The Gut Check No.279 – Assessing the Quarter Pole of the Fantasy Season

    Leave at the curb? Wait a few more miles? Ride or die? Which call should you make with these worrisome players? Matt Waldman scouts the fantasy football landscape at the season’s quarter pole. Stranded With Bramel: A true Story This week’s Gut Check begins with a true story (except for one name change – and […]

  • David Wilson

    Many of you may remember that I did a series on David Wilson’s game at Virginia Tech and how it translates to the NFL. One of Wilson’s issues was the tendency to bounce runs outside to attempt the big play. I euphemistically call this “the corner store,” because it is fun to visit but few […]

  • No. 4 RB David Wilson

    4. David Wilson, running back, Virginia Tech (5-9, 206) Physically, Wilson might have as much upside as any back in this draft, and from this perspective, he might be the best back to come out of Virginia Tech. Ryan Williams was a conceptually smarter runner with great effort and a strong array of skills, but […]

  • Reads Listens Views 2/10/2012

    Note: I had a late night with family in Atlanta and didn’t get home until 15 minutes ago. This means the additional RyanTannehill analysis won’t be posted today. I’ll have it up this weekend. But if you haven’t seen my analysis of David Wilson, Kendall Wright, and (apparently) one play of Terrance Williams, check them […]

  • Reads Listens Views and Caption Contest Winners 2/2-2/3/2012

    Love, peace, and soul, Don Cornelius…Love, peace, and soul. It was a fun week of football analysis at the RSP Blog. If you missed any of the David Wilson series, there are four parts to check out at your leisure. I’ll be doing more film analysis of 2012 draft prospects in the coming weeks. Most […]

  • David Wilson’s Vision: Part IV – Exploring the Gray Area

    If you’ve missed David Wilson Week at the RSP blog you can catch up by reading parts I, II, and III. If you want to start here that’s fine, too. No one is going to write you a ticket for improper blog reading. Ever watch a ball carrier in a football game finish a good […]

  • RB David Wilson’s Vision: Part III – Flashes of Refined Play

    This has been David Wilson Week at the RSP blog. In case you missed it, here’s the analysis I have done – and what is still slated – for the Va. Tech runner: Raw Skill in Action – Part I of series Low lights – Part II Flashes of Refined Play – Part III (today’s […]

  • RB David Wilson’s Vision: Part II – The Low Lights

    As I explained yesterday, Vision is often poorly defined as an abstract, catchall intangible that is vital to the success of a ball carrier. Vision should be something we actively try to define and despite its intuitive characteristics I believe there are major components of the skill set that running backs learn as late as […]

  • RB David Wilson’s Vision: Part I Raw Skill in Action

    To come to be you must have a vision of Being, a Dream, a Purpose, a Principle. You will become what your vision is.   – Peter Nivio Zarlenga Vision is a magical term. Even in the world of business, visionary leaders are seen as semi-fictional characters. For all of his petulance, coldness, and cruelty […]