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David Wilson getting better? I think it’s on the horizon. See below.

Many of you may remember that I did a series on David Wilson’s game at Virginia Tech and how it translates to the NFL. One of Wilson’s issues was the tendency to bounce runs outside to attempt the big play. I euphemistically call this “the corner store,” because it is fun to visit but few things are good for you there.

I just saw a promising David Wilson quote from Ralph Vacchiano’s Twitter feed that I think is worth reading.

Is rookie RB David Wilson ready for a bigger role? Yes, because he’s already learned a few lessons about the NFL…

“In my position in this league you can’t go out there and try to make the big play all the time,” he said. “At least I’m not comfortable to go out there and do it now. You can turn a bad play into a worse play by always trying to have the greatest play. I won’t say (I’ve) so much changed (my approach), but I know the playbook more, so I know what to expect a little bit. When I first got here I barely knew the playbook and the plays, and I just knew enough that the coaches would say ‘messing up’ and start screaming at me. When you get more into detail in the playbook and know what you are doing, you can become more of yourself.” #NYG

Whether he can do this on the field is a different story, but the fact he can verbalize it is half the battle.

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  1. Nice piece Matt! Being a Giants fan I love what this kid brings to the table. I’m gunning for him in out upcoming rookie draft. I’m taking him at 1.5 because I feel he has the best chance to succeed on the Giants. With next years picks I think the G-Men will take O-lineman because that is the weakest link on the team. Also because you recommended me taking him at that spot post draft 2012. Thanks again Matt your blog has been invaluable to me.

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