Reads Listens Views and Caption Contest Winners 2/2-2/3/2012

Love, peace, and soul, Don Cornelius…Love, peace, and soul.

It was a fun week of football analysis at the RSP Blog. If you missed any of the David Wilson series, there are four parts to check out at your leisure. I’ll be doing more film analysis of 2012 draft prospects in the coming weeks. Most of them will likely be shorter spotlights on technique or something I see that’s revealing abut a player or the position he plays. I already have a play of Kendall Wright’s that will be a post next week.

Free, Fast, Competitive, and Addictive Super Bowl Fantasy Football

Go to and play. Drafts take 5-10 minutes. Challenge your friends at your Super Bowl party. Create your own contests around it. One of my favorite ways to draft against someone for Super Bowl week is to pick teams where you and your opponent only pick reserves from each team.

For Super Bowl Widows this Weekend

Do something nice for wife or girlfriend this weekend while you're watching the Super Bowl and send her a link to this site. She'll thank you.

My wife’s birthday is on Super Bowl Sunday. Yep, lucky her. Alicia is an interior decorator who does a ton of her own contract work (paint, tiling, flooring, sheet rock, etc.). That’s what happens when you’re raised in the country and have a grandfather that worked in a saw mill for most of his life. When she was a little girl he’d throw her in the back of a pick up to help him on rental house projects.

By the way, grandpa is 86 and still wandering out in the woods of his land cutting down trees with his chainsaw. You can see what I have to look forward to as our marriage progresses into the twilight years. I hope marijuana will be legal by then.

Anyhow, Alicia has a website your Football Widow will enjoy on any weekend you’re glued to the tube. Here’s a brief description of VYDecor (stands for “Virtually Yours” not “Vince Young”) to copy and forward to her with the link above:

Virtually Yours Décor provides customized DIY interior decorating packages via the internet. VY Decor is the only virtual interior decorating firm that combines color psychology and your personal preferences to create spaces that are uniquely yours—all from the comfort of your home computer.

Our step-by-step Décor Plans come with everything you need to unleash your inner DIY interior decorator. Paint chips, furniture codes, DIY guides–it’s all included! And if you do need a little help along the way, just contact us!

If your wife spends time in front of HGTV or reading magazines about renovating rooms, she’ll thank you.

Caption Contest Winners

The winning caption came from Bob M.:

The Rams' new offensive linemen may not look like much but they still represent a clear upgrade over the 2011 group. Written by Bob Mozitis.

Congratulations Bob, you earned 30 percent of the vote with that line. You win a free copy of an RSP from 2006-2012.

Our second and third place winners – each with 10 percent of the vote was “Big Bank Theory…Football edition,” by CAgel, and “Okay fellas turn your laminate face-out if you have had sex with a woman.” by Scott W.

CAgel and Scott, you get a free RSP from 2006-2011 or a 50 percent discount on the 2012 RSP.

The best self-deprecating comment was a tie. Nick D. “accidentally” proposed to his wife via email (married for nearly a decade now). And Michael S. apparently has, “large areola for a male.” Each of you earn the same opportunity as CAgel and Scott.

Send me an email ( to name and claim your prize. Thanks everyone for playing and thanks to Mike Schottey, Wes Bunting, Cecil Lammey, and Chad Reuter for being the butt of our jokes.

Non-Super Bowl, but “Super” Reads, Listens, and Views

A stats-fueled argument for staying patient with Blaine Gabbert – At least from a statistical perspective, his 2011 season wasn’t off the charts bad for a rookie starter. Next year we’ll find out if that dodge ball throwing motion can be corrected or if he’ll earn the football moniker “Sick Sense” because always be seeing dead people while setting to throw in a clean pocket.

Let’s hope Gabbert’s NFL career takes a different trajectory than Haley Joel Osment’s acting career. I’m an optimistic, but I admit his Sick Sense was testing it.

E.L. Doctorow Interview – If you enjoy reading something books (you know, those stories with a spine…) check out the Days of Yore blog. They interview some heavy hitters, including the National Book Award Winner Doctorow, who talks about his days as an airline reservation clerk on the graveyard shift. He even seems surprised that he’s revealing these tidbits to the interviewers.

If you grew up in the `70s and watched NBC Sportsworld then you probably remember distance swimmer Diana Nyad. Here’s Nyad discussing her recent attempt to swim from Miami to Cuba. It’s a great reminder of why a good life led involves effort and challenge.

Happy 40th A Clockwork Orange

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