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More Tannehill? More coming. Just not today. Maybe late tonight.

Note: I had a late night with family in Atlanta and didn’t get home until 15 minutes ago. This means the additional RyanTannehill analysis won’t be posted today. I’ll have it up this weekend. But if you haven’t seen my analysis of David Wilson, Kendall Wright, and (apparently) one play of Terrance Williams, check them out here:

  1. David Wilson Series on Vision: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
  2. Kendall Wright Analysis: Routes and The Money Catch
  3. RyanTannehill Series on Pocket Presence: Part I

I already have the rest of this Friday segment written so I’m posting this note with it to let you know that more Tannehill is on its way. Also expect to see some analysis from some of these players during the next 7-10 days: Arizona State QB Brock Osweiler, Oregon RB LaMichael James, Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden, and Georgia TE Orson Charles.

RSP Writers Project Update

Sigmund Bloom has delivered his preliminary salary cap-player rating structure and we’re just giving it the once over before we reveal it to you and the participating writers. If you don’t know about the RSP Writers Project, here’s a link that explains what we’ll be doing here and who is involved (including former NFL scouts Russ Lande, Dan Shonka, and Matt Williamson joining top film grinders/writers like Doug Farrar and Jene Bramel).

Reads, Listens, Views

99 Tiny Stories to Make You Think: I enjoy stories that connect with the rhythms of life. Many of these short anecdotes fit the bill. The guy who runs this site does some fascinating work with mazes drawn as art. He sells his work, too.

U.S. plummets to 47th in World Press Freedom Index details about that dip in Atlantic Online.

Wind River: Sounds nice, but I’m sure Iraq had a nice ring to it once, too.

Count Basie Big Band playing “Whirly Bird,” featuring Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis on tenor sax. If you aren’t familiar with the verb form of the word “swing,” then listen to Basie and you’ll learn. 

Wes Montgomery performing Nica’s Dream

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  1. Man, could Basie’s band swing. That was so cool, I had to listen twice. Took me back to college, when I played alto sax in our school’s jazz band, and “Whirly Bird” was one of my favorite tunes to play. I don’t remember taking it that fast though!

    I come here for the football stuff, but so great to get pick me ups to my day like this. Thanks for posting it!

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