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  • RSP No-Huddle Series: NIU QB Chandler Harnish

    Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish might be known as a dual threat in the college game, but he has the size (6’1″, 219 lbs.), athleticism, and fundamentals as a passer for a team to develop him into an NFL contributor. Here’s a touchdown pass from the Bowl in Mobile, Alabama that demonstrates his skill […]

  • NY Times Fifth Down Top-Five Series: No.3 WR Kendall Wright

    3. Kendall Wright, Baylor (5-10, 196) (Video above different from video at NY Times) There was a time that I considered Wright the best receiver in this draft class. He’s not big, but he is physical and that is what you need from an N.F.L. player with his speed and quickness. He has no problem […]

  • No-Huddle Series: Ohio WR Lavon Brazill

    No-Huddle Series: Ohio WR Lavon Brazill

    If you haven’t seen the announcement about my No-Huddle Series, read here. Since most of you don’t click links when you read (neither do I – at least not all of them), I’ll emphasize what’s important: this series is one-play displays of certain things I like about a player. They are not meant to generate […]

  • Rankings Insight for This Year’s WR Class

    When it comes to this series, I usually just provide a teaser of the post to the Fifth Down and link you to the rest. But with today’s receivers,  No.5 WR Greg Childs and No. 4 WR Marvin Jones, I want to discuss the thought process behind their unusually high ranking – and a few […]

  • New York Times Fifth Down Blog: No.1 RB Trent Richardson

    1.    Trent Richardson, Alabama (5-9, 228) There are several impressive components to Trent Richardson’s game. His balance and agility combined with his strength make him a rare commodity among backs of his range of 220-230 pounds. He has the footwork and balance of a back 15-20 pounds lighter. And that balance is what makes him […]

  • New York Times Fifth Down Series: No. 2 RB Doug Martin

    2.    Doug Martin, Boise State (5-9, 223) Martin reminds me of Ray Rice in the respect that he’s not abundantly fast once he reaches the second or third level, but his initial burst is top notch. He consistently defeats the angles of defenders as he enters and exits a hole because they misjudge his quickness, […]

  • New York Times Fifth Down Series: No.3 RB Lamar Miller

    3.     Lamar Miller, running back, Miami (5-10, 212) Lamar Miller is a potential Pro Bowl back. He’s at the sweet spot in terms of height, weight, speed and acceleration. He runs with patience and balance, and he protects the ball. He understands how to stay close to his blocks until an opening develops, and like […]

  • Get Er Done: QB Mechanics by Brett Favre

    This weekend I watched the 2010 NFC Championship between the Saints and Vikings so I could study Drew Brees for my first “Futures” column at Football Outsiders, but I couldn’t skip the Vikings possessions. Not because of Adrian Peterson or Percy Harvin, whose  physical skills I marvel with each viewing. The truth is, I’m an […]

  • No. 4 RB David Wilson

    4. David Wilson, running back, Virginia Tech (5-9, 206) Physically, Wilson might have as much upside as any back in this draft, and from this perspective, he might be the best back to come out of Virginia Tech. Ryan Williams was a conceptually smarter runner with great effort and a strong array of skills, but […]

  • Cal WR Keenan Allen: Creating Separation With His Hands

    I’ll still be writing about 2012 NFL Draft prospects in the coming months, but with the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio in the books – and available for download – I’m also beginning my work for next year’s draft. See below. If you’ve been reading my blog for at least a couple of months then you […]