RSP Film Room No.20: Nebraska WR/KR Kenny Bell

Kenny Bell

There are six plays from Odell Beckham’s LSU tape that made me a fan of his game. Bell isn’t Odell Beckham, but the reasons I like his game aren’t much different on tape. 

I’m a fan of quick, physical, technically sound, smart, and versatile football players. Kenny Bell hits these marks. I’ve seen three games of Bell’s work and I’m a fan in the same way I was a fan of Odell Beckham and Marvin Jones.

This week’s post-Christmas episode is a solo gig of takes about the technique of Bell’s work as a receiver and return specialist:

  • How return specialists press lanes.
  • The scenarios in offensive sets where it’s best to run as a returner and when to get more creative.
  • How wide receivers “sit in the chair.”
  • Catching the ball at the first available window: What does it mean? Why it matters.
  • The value of straight stems against off coverage and tight coverage.
  • Three and four-step release techniques.
  • Why maintaining a narrow gap is so important to run blocking as a wide out.
  • The value of short area quickness over 40-speed.

I cover three contests: Southern Mississippi, UCLA, and Miami. It’s a little less than an hour, but information gleaned from hundreds of hours of studying wide receivers. You can find the rest of the RSP Film Room episodes here.

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