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  • The RSP Blog’s Top 20 RB Prospects (2006-2011) Part I

    One of the most frequent requests I’ve heard from readers over the years is to rank players at their position across several draft classes. It’s an entertaining thing to read, but I’ve always been reticent about doing it. There are a lot of approaches I could take with the ranking process and I’m not sure […]

  • RSP Flashback: DeMarco Murray Q&A and Analysis

      DeMarco Murray’s 25-carry, 253-yard debut as the Cowboys starter bested Emmitt Smith’s single game rushing record for the team. As with most accomplishments of this kind, the performance tends to be the product of a confluence of factors: a weakened defense, a big lead, and talent allowed to get into a rhythm. With Sam […]

  • Behind the Blue Curtain – Part III: Making the Cut the Hard Way With RB Chad Spann

    Imagine 15-years of work riding on a 60-minute performance that is only partially choreographed and half of the individuals sharing the stage with you are trying to undermine everything you do. Now imagine suffering an injury three minutes into that performance. Welcome to rookie free agent Chad Spann’s world the night he faced the Cincinnati […]

  • Why I Like Jay Cutler

    I shouldn’t like Jay Cutler for what I’m about to share with you. But have you ever had a boss who has his head so far up his hind parts that he’s unwilling to deal with reason? In my Gut Check column at I wrote that Martz is the textbook definition of a fanatic […]

  • John Beck Redux

    If you’ve only been following this blog recently, you might have missed my post on John Beck. The Redskins quarterback was named the starter this morning. If you want to learn more about him check out my take. It has been my belief that one of the reasons Mike Shanahan opted for Rex Grossman to […]

  • Quick Post: Cam Newton shades of Steve McNair

    Watching Cam Newton this weekend move around the pocket with poise, deliver lasers off balance, and run with the speed of a tailback and the toughness of a fullback reminded me of my all-time favorite NFL player, Steve McNair. The similarities are striking to me. I just hope Newton is willing to work and deal […]

  • Behind the Blue Curtain – Part II: A Glimpse at Colts Training Camp With RB Chad Spann

    Former Northern Illinois RB Chad Spann led college football with 22 touchdowns in 2010, but it didn’t get him drafted. No matter, Spann was a local star in Indianapolis and no team offered him a scholarship at his position and that didn’t deter him from finding a team that would give him a chance to […]

  • Behind the Blue Curtain: A Glimpse at Colts Training Camp With RB Chad Spann

    If I didn’t know better, I would have thought Chad Spann was messing with me. Every few minutes during our hour-long conversation the running back would grunt, yell, or laugh without any discernible rhyme or reason. At one point as he talked his voice quavered as if someone was jumping up and down on him. […]

  • Quarterback Techniques Part II (Not Safe for Work)

    Warning: This blog post isn’t for the corporate mindset. It’s safe to read at work except for the first link you come across. However, if you’re the kind of idiot (and I use the term affectionately – we all act like idiots from time to time. It’s part of the human condition) that feels the […]

  • RSP Flashback: Bills WR Naaman Roosevelt

    Buffalo wide receiver Naaman Roosevelt lost a bet that eventually earned him a job. When Turner Gil arrived at the University of Buffalo he recruited two terrific athletes who played quarterback and wanted to remain quarterbacks. Gil made a deal with them. Win the starting job and remain a quarterback. Lose the job and change […]