RSP Film Room Nos.18-19 Brett Hundley w/Eric Stoner

Photo by James Santelli.
Photo by James Santelli.

One of my favorite QB analysts in the media today is Eric Stoner. He drops by for a double feature of Brett Hundley.

The reason I’m a fan of Eric Stoner’s work is his mix of technical understanding of the game and the perspective not to get hung up on it. If you’ve never read Stoner’s work at Draft Mehcca or Rotoworld then you’ll see what I mean in today’s double-dip of Brett Hundley. The UCLA quarterback is one of the more intriguing players in this draft class and Stoner made a terrific choice for us to profile Hundley this weekend.

The first game is 2014’s opener against Virginia. Hundley faces a number of exotic defensive looks and often handles them with the skill of a pro. You’ll see plenty of examples of toughness, pocket presence, poise, and accuracy on display, and in the face of pressure.

We also note where Hundley’s game is in a no man’s land between good college player and first-round prospect. He’s a player we agree could make that leap and develop into a long-term NFL starter, but we’re not completely sold that he has the full complement of refined conceptual characteristics to make that transition.

Even in the second game, a fourth-quarter win at Utah, there’s a mix of plays that can lead an evaluator to leave a game feeling ambivalent about Hundley’s potential.

I’ll put it the way I shared it with Eric, if an NFL organization relied on me for advice about Hundley as a potential first or early second round prospect, I’d say the NFL too frequently overvalues quarterbacks in this range and only take Hundley if he drops to the late second round, at best. Otherwise, build your team, bring in a low-cost veteran, and wait until you’re much surer about a first-round option.

And when that team ignores my beseeching and asks me if I’d take the risk with Hundley in the first round based on league demand for the position, my answer would be “yes.”

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