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  • Fantasy Throwdown – Free Weekly Fantasy Football

    Fantasy Throwdown – Free Weekly Fantasy Football

    Try Fantasy Throwdown – a free, simple, convenient and fast way to play every day that will keep you coming back for more. Fantasy Throwdown is a game with one-on-one match ups allow you to challenge anyone, anytime. You can play 20 times in a week or you can play once a month – whatever […]

  • Play Fantasy Throwdown – Super Bowl Style

    Play Fantasy Throwdown – Super Bowl Style

    Taking a quick break from studying pro prospects to encourage you to check out Fantasy Throwdown – the best, most addictive 1-on-1 fantasy football game around. Free to play, try it during the Super Bowl with your friends. My friend and Throwdown partner Mike MacGregor shares an idea for playing Throwdown at your Super Bowl […]

  • FantasyThrowdown.com Tourney

    FantasyThrowdown.com Tourney

    If you’re new to the RSP blog or you haven’t tried FantasyThrowdown.com you ought to go over there today. It’s free, one-on-one, weekly fantasy football with drafts that take minutes and are so convenient to do that you’ll find yourself in multiple games before you even realize it. Throwdown has PPR and Non-PPR formats and […]

  • One-on-One Fantasy Football-Free!

    Most of you reading the RSP blog play fantasy football. If you’re like me your favorite part of fantasy leagues is the draft. There’s nothing more enjoyable than assembling a team, except perhaps the week you play a heated rival and get a chance to smack talk like you’re James Harrison and he’s Ray Rice. […]

  • Let’s “Throwdown!”

    I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of fantasy football is the draft. Now you can draft every day and have new match ups at any time at FantasyThrowdown.com . I actually received  an email from reader last week who thanked me for tipping him to the site. He said it was like […]