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I’m incredibly thankful to have the readers I do. I have thoroughly enjoyed the feedback I’ve received this month from those of you downloading the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. And by popular demand, I am finally writing a post-draft add-on to the 2012 RSP, which will be available with the publication beginning May 6.

If you purchase the 2012 RSP before the draft, keep your login and password and it will allow you to download the add-on at no extra charge (Note: I am not selling the add-on separately, because the information is based on the research and analysis presented in the book.). So far the response to the add-on has been spectacular.

Without getting too personal, I first decided to write the 2006 Rookie Scouting Portfolio at a point in my life that I can best describe as a “soul-testing.” A lot of things I held as meaningful in my life had been stripped away in the years leading to my decision to hole up in a hotel room and watch nearly 130 hours of game footage in a week between short naps.When I left that room more losses were ahead.

At the the time, the RSP was an experiment that I was going to give 3-5 years. Now preparing for my eighth year, I’m beginning to think of it as my own rock hammer out of my personal Shawshank. I’m more excited about the 2013 publication than any other.

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Thanks to my friend Sarah for sharing this ink pen street drawing – yes, ink pen – on her Facebook page.

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