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  • Pai Mei, Longtones, and Route Running: Lessons of Kung Fu, Jazz, and Football With Utah WR DeVonte Christopher

    Pai Mei, Longtones, and Route Running: Lessons of Kung Fu, Jazz, and Football With Utah WR DeVonte Christopher

    Football and music (and in this case, Kung Fu) continue to have a number of parallels for me. I played saxophone from the age of 8 until I stopped at 23.This is roughly the same career life span of most college football players. Those who continue playing beyond college and perform on the highest stage […]

  • New York Times Fifth Down Series: No. 2 WR Justin Blackmon

    2. Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St. (6-0, 207) [Highlights above differ from article in NY Times.] Blackmon plays a physical brand of football despite the fact that he is smaller and slower than he appears when featured in this wide-open Oklahoma State offense. The Cowboy offense gives Blackmon a lot of opportunities to approach defenders in […]

  • RSP No-Huddle Series: Eagles RB Bryce Brown

    RSP No-Huddle Series: Eagles RB Bryce Brown

    For more analysis of skill players like the post below, download the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. Better yet, if you’re a fantasy owner the 56-page Post-Draft Add-on comes with the 2012 RSP at no additional charge. Best, yet, 10 percent of every sale is donated to Darkness to Light to combat sexual abuse. Here’s an […]

  • Post-Draft Impressions-Part II

    Post-Draft Impressions-Part II

    I’m wrapping up the weekend with my impressions of the NFL Draft. Yesterday was the first part. Today is the final half.

  • 2012 Post-Draft Skill Player Impressions Part-I

    I don’t believe in grading the draft. Many of my colleagues, ones I respect a great deal, will be providing draft grades this week. Some of them will say that they don’t believe a draft can be graded accurately for a few years, but two paragraphs later they are grading away like they’re teaching middle […]

  • Reads Listens Views-NFL Draft Day 1 Edition 4/27/2012

    If you can look at Irvin’s game through the lens that he can learn better technique to stay low, learn a change-up move, and learn to diagnose run plays with extra work, the physical talent is evident. Read more below. Views That was quick. And as someone who loves evaluating players and has less patience […]

  • NY Times Fifth Down Series: Luck and Griffin

    NY Times Fifth Down Series: Luck and Griffin

    Can a team really go wrong with Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin? Of course they can, history shows that top quarterback prospects bomb year after year. Do I think they can go wrong with either one? Not unless something horrific happens. Trent Richardson, Luck and Griffin are a great trio at the top of this […]

  • Walk on the Wildside: My Draft to Mock-Part II

    After the response I got from last night’s Draft to Mock, apparently there’s a side to many of you that have also grown a little bored of mock drafts. So here’s Part II of My Draft to Mock. For those of you with the scanning virus, this is not a real mock. Carolina Panthers select […]

  • No-Huddle Series: New Mexico State RB Kenny Turner

    I came home from work today and watched an E:60 segment about Titans running back Chris Johnson and his best friend Kenny Turner. If you haven’t seen the segment, you can read the full story about their friendship and the events that transpired that led to a felony conviction and five years in jail. If […]

  • No-Huddle Series: Iowa State WR Darius Reynolds

    As Jon Gruden said during his QB Camp episode with Brandon Weeden, Iowa State is “a pretty good football team. Quietly, they’ve become formidable.” You don’t become that quietly formidable without some quietly formidable players. I think that pair of words fits wide receiver Darius Reynolds. The Cyclones receiver ran a 4.54-40, bench pressed 225 […]