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  • Football Godfather: Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

    Football Godfather: Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

    I’ve been asked 2-3 times a day for the past two weeks what my take on Russell Wilson was before the season. I know many of you have read my thoughts on the Seattle quarterback, but I’m going to share those original takes, some thoughts about leadership and why Wilson could be the football equivalent […]

  • 2012 RSP Sample: QB Skill Breakdown Sample

    2012 RSP Sample: QB Skill Breakdown Sample

    Whenever I provide samples of the RSP, they are links to individual reports of players. These reports are raw, play-by-play notes located in the back of the book. My readers appreciate these, but most of them get the publication for the front-of-the-book material. One of these reports is the Skill Breadowns that I perform by position. […]

  • RSP Writers Project Q&A: Chase Stuart, Footballguys, Football Perspective, and Pro Football Reference

    Chase Stuart took an aggressive, offensive approach to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Writers Project, spending $93.5 million of his $150 million salary cap on his offense. Can’t say I blame him. He has a nice mix of young skill talent and veteran grit and his dollar cost averaging for his offensive line could pay off. […]

  • Coming of Age: Young Vets to Watch

    Something I emphasize when it comes to fan expectations of young players transitioning from college to the NFL is to account for the Great Emotional Divide. College football is an insulated world where university athletic programs fill its players’ time with a full slate of activities so there is little idle time. Moreover, these programs […]

  • New York Times Fifth Down Series: No. 2 WR Justin Blackmon

    2. Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St. (6-0, 207) [Highlights above differ from article in NY Times.] Blackmon plays a physical brand of football despite the fact that he is smaller and slower than he appears when featured in this wide-open Oklahoma State offense. The Cowboy offense gives Blackmon a lot of opportunities to approach defenders in […]

  • Quick Breakdown on Supplmental RB Ed Wesley, TCU

    I watched Ed Wesley this time last week, presuming he would be playing another year. A few days later, he applied for the NFL’s supplemental draft. Wesley was a rising senior at Texas Christian and in a committee situation with fellow runners Waymon James and Matthew Tucker. He’s a 5’9″, 200-pound runner with potential to […]

  • The Guardian NFL Writer Cian Fahey’s RSP Writers Project Team

    Cian Fahey covers the NFL for The Guardian and he also writes for Irish Central and at one time contributed for The Bleacher Report. Fahey is a Steelers fan and also contributes toSteelers Depot. If you’ve never read his work or followed him on Twitter, he’s not afraid to give his unfiltered opinion. You’ll see that […]

  • Reads Listens Views 6/11/2012

    Film Study is a Dangerous Job My life has been a whirlwind these past two months. In addition to writing the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio here’s the rest of the past eight weeks: Writing a 50-plus-page, RSP Post-Draft Edition Penning three columns as a preview for my forthcoming Futures column at FootballOutsiders.com. Contributing heavily to […]

  • How to (and how not to) Throw the Bomb

    This is one of my favorite posts in a while, because it is two very different angles of one play. The first angle will leave you shaking your head at the wide receiver. The second angle will provide a more sympathetic feeling towards him and less so for the quarterback. 

  • Reads Listens Views 6/1/2012

    Welcome to Reads Listens Views. It’s my Friday space where, in contrast to the rest of the week, I write less about football and share a little more about life in general. I’d like to thank my avid readers for your patronage during the quiet months of late spring-early summer. I’m growing more attached to […]