NY Times Fifth Down Top-Five Series: No.1 WR Michael Floyd

1. Michael Floyd, Notre Dame (6-2, 220)

From the standpoint of on-field performance, I believe Floyd has the best all-around skills and talents among the receivers in this draft class. This is a talent-rich group, but none of the prospects in this class have all of the qualities that Floyd brings to the game. When evaluating the last two years of receiving talent, I believe the only receiver with more promise is A.J. Green.

One of the factors that might have clouded the picture in the evaluation of this year’s receiver class was the condition of Floyd’s right knee. While Floyd was still healing, he had to gather his steps to accelerate. If he had to make a break to the quarterback, he could not get a great bend on the knee when he had to use his right leg to plant.

However, after watching Floyd get completely healthy, [Read the rest here]

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