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  • Kendall Wright and the Money Catch

    If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, there’s more analysis of Kendall Wright’s routes here. I love the intellectual component of football. There’s rich material to explore with every position, unit and team from the perspective of technique and strategy. It’s what I do here almost daily. But to say football is essentially an intellectual game […]

  • When “Flat” is Good: Route Running and Baylor WRs Kendall Wright and Terrance Williams

    [Editor’s Note: The second route is actually one from Terrance Williams. Thanks for pointing this out, Bryan. However, the concept of making a correct break and not drifting away from the ball is still the same. ] See Also: Kendall Wright And The Money Catch. For the next two months, I’ll be providing excerpts of […]

  • Reads Listens Views and Caption Contest Winners 2/2-2/3/2012

    Love, peace, and soul, Don Cornelius…Love, peace, and soul. It was a fun week of football analysis at the RSP Blog. If you missed any of the David Wilson series, there are four parts to check out at your leisure. I’ll be doing more film analysis of 2012 draft prospects in the coming weeks. Most […]