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  • The Rookie Scouting Portfolio Publication: A Q&A

    The Rookie Scouting Portfolio Publication: A Q&A

    New to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog? Haven’t heard of the RSP publication? Heard of it, but haven’t given it a try? Learn more about this annual publication that has been available for download every April 1 for the past seven years and why it has become a fave among draftniks and fantasy football owners. […]

  • What is The RSP?

    What is The RSP?

    What is the RSP? What does it stand for? What do you get from it? Why is it insanely detailed, but insanely easy to read? Here’s a basic primer. There is also a Q&A that you can read that answers these questions in more detail. I don’t like giving my money away…but one thing that […]

  • The Rookie Scouting Portfolio: A Newbie’s Take

    I have a lot of new readers-followers in recent months (thank you) who have asked me about the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. I’m a pretty transparent person. My goal is to make the Rookie Scouting Portfolio my full-time pursuit. This is different than a full-time job. The RSP is already a full-time job. So is my […]