What is The RSP?

What is The RSP?

What is the RSP? What does it stand for? What do you get from it? Why is it insanely detailed, but insanely easy to read? Here’s a basic primer. There is also a Q&A that you can read that answers these questions in more detail.

I don’t like giving my money away…but one thing that is worth every dollar I spend is @MattWaldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio

– Eric Dickens, http://www.dynastyleaguefootball.com

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio is the most comprehensive publication of NFL prospect analysis at the skill positions.

Devised from best-practice methodologies, the RSP provides rankings and analysis and also shows ‘its math.’ I want to make the evaluation process as transparent as possible to the reader:

  • Everything I score, I try to define.
  • I also define my scoring system and reports so anyone could do it – if they enjoy that kind of punishment.
  • I document almost everything I see with play-by-play detail. Yes, that’s a lot of work. No, you don’t have to read that part of the book to get value from the RSP.
  • I ranking every player I grade by position. I also do a post-draft ranking and tiered cheat sheet.
  • Overrated, underrated, and long-term projects.
  • Players that have boom-bust potential, their potential appears maxed, or have great upside.
  • Player comparisons to past NFL players based on style and builds.
  • Overall rankings and comparisons in cheat sheet/table format with pertinent measurements and workout results.
  • Overall rankings with written explanations in paragraph form.

It’s a lot of stuff. But it is easy to navigate and it has become a resource that scouts and draft analysts use to cross-check their evaluations of players. Draftniks use the RSP to learn about the difficult to evaluate skill positions, and fantasy football owners swear by as a bible for their rookie drafts. Feeling an insatiable thirst for knowledge? Read the Q&A behind the RSP.

Download the 2012 RSP or purchase past issues (2006-2011)

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