The Rookie Scouting Portfolio: A Newbie’s Take

I have a lot of new readers-followers in recent months (thank you) who have asked me about the Rookie Scouting Portfolio.

I’m a pretty transparent person. My goal is to make the Rookie Scouting Portfolio my full-time pursuit. This is different than a full-time job.

The RSP is already a full-time job. So is my full-time job as a magazine writer. There’s also my part-time job as a staff writer for

One of my goals with this blog is to spread the word about the RSP. I have to do this because as the letter at the end of this post states: I’m your secret weapon. 

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio is an annual publication devoted to the evaluation of draft prospects at the skill positions. It’s a 120-150 page analysis:

  • Positional rankings with a transparent grading process.
  • In-depth player profiles based on exhaustive film study.
  • Rankings of players by individual positional techniques and skill sets.
  • Overrated and underrated prospects.
  • Long-term projects.
  • Historical stylistic comparisons of prospects to NFL players.

In addition to this complete analysis of 150-200 skill players ( quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends), the Rookie Scouting Portfolio provides something that few, if any rookie guides do: I show my work.

Most of my readers are satisfied with the 120-150 page guide, attached to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio is an enormous appendix that contains all of the research, analysis, and breakdown of the grading process that I use to arrive at my takes on players:

  • Position-specific grading checklists.
  • A glossary with all the criteria on the checklists defined in detail.
  • Play-by-play write ups for each game studied.
  • Key workout measurements from pro days and the combine.

Essentially, the Rookie Scouting Portfolio’s appendix provides you an additional 500-700 pages of research material that will satisfy even the most hardcore football fan. My most hardcore readers compare it to a research textbook that helps them learn more about the game,  gain an even greater understanding of my takes, and even arrive at their own takes separate from what I offer.

Here is what a new customer told me this week about the 2011 Rookie Scouting Portfolio:

The RSP looks awesome, as I have started reading it on the iPad this evening. The amount of work that goes into it is OBVIOUS. One thing I will say, and please understand this is the highest compliment I can pay you:

Part of the problem you will always have with spreading the word is that guys in fantasy leagues that read your work are going to look at it as their “secret weapon,” and they’re not willing to give it up as one of their better resources. I have been playing fantasy sports since 1987 and when teams find premium, quality stuff they look at it as an advantage that they can use to dominate.

Obviously, it’s a huge compliment that you’ve produced such a wonderful resource…Fantasyleaguers are always willing to pass along something that’s sub par (or worse). The good stuff…they keep that under their hats.

Being iPad-friendly, it can go anywhere with you. I use a simple app that costs 99 cents called Goodreader and it allows you to search the whole .PDF for keywords and allows you to jump around as well. It really makes your large document very reader friendly.

Calling your product “premium,” badly undersells it. Not only do you share your own thoughts, but you also show your work, thus giving the reader the ability to process what they’re watching in a way they never have. It’s a football textbook and it’s 10 bucks.

Seeing how you interact with others was one of the reasons I bought today. There are some folks…who act as if they invented the game of football and I honestly can’t believe the way they talk to potential customers that they expect to sell anything…

Don’t ever change Matt. It’s obvious you get it. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep being as civil as you have to others. If I’ve noticed, you better believe others have and hopefully more rewards will come your way.

-Ray Calder

5 responses to “The Rookie Scouting Portfolio: A Newbie’s Take”

  1. Here’s the highest compliment I can offer, get it while it is still available for purchase. One day Matt’s work will be the intellectual property of an NFL front office and then we’ll be out in the cold.

  2. Without a doubt, the RSP is the best fantasy football preparation tool I have found, regardless of cost. I can tell who among my leaguemates reads it, because we are always vying for the same players, and always weeks ahead of anyone else. We are also always facing off in the playoffs.

    I cannot stress strongly enough how thoughtful, organized and impessive the RSP is. Were it offered, I would buy a lifetime subscription now, just so I wouldn’t run the risk of missing one in the future.

  3. Matt, I would just like to tell you thank you. The letter that you received couldn’t be more accurate. I do feel like you are my secret weapon. The quality work that you do for the rsp should be the mold that everyone else copies. It is great. Thanks again man, keep doing your thing, an please know that you have many followers who appreciate your work.

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