Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Scout Talk with Russ Lande: Running Back Evaluation Mistakes

One of only a half-dozen guys I could unequivocally see as an upgrade to Alfred Morris Photo by Mike Pettigano.

Matt Waldman’s RSP Scout Talk podcast with Russ Lande begins a series devoted to evaluation misses and lessons learned. This week’s episode on running backs offers a lot of players to choose from. 

This episode of Scout Talk with Russ Lande is a fantastic conversation about the running backs who we didn’t evaluate well and what we learned from it:

  • The Walter Payton Effect: The exception proving the rule that running backs have to have a certain amount of size and strength for every-down usage.
  • After-Contact Skill: The value of attacking first versus the ability to absorb punishment.
  • Alvin Kamara and Ball Security: How to deliver an accurate assessment that balances technical flaws and fumble rates.
  • Trent Ricardson: Players who helped us learn the value of studying blocking schemes.
  • Andre Williams: Players who helped us learn how the game has changed for the position.
  • Jonathan Dwyer and the case of the quarterback being the eyes for the runner.
  • Players who out-performed and underperformed to our expectations.
  • How we addressed our mistakes and players we hit on as a result of these mistakes.

If you missed the last episode on wide receivers, it’s well worth a listen.

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