Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room QB Joe Burrow (LSU): Pocket, Footwork, and Velocity

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines LSU QB Joe Burrow’s excellent pocket management, footwork that reveals mental preparation and anticipation of on-field solutions, and arm velocity that is still under construction.

Like many, I’m a big fan of what I’ve seen from Joe Burrow on Saturdays. However, let’s not go into Aaron Rodgers-Russell Wilson territory with the National Championship quarterback.

If you cannot resist comparisons, Matt Ryan, Rich Gannon, and Jim McMahon offer a more accurate spectrum of players to compare Burrow’s game. Burrow is a mentally and physically tough passer with underrated mobility, excellent feel and movement of the pocket, and arm strength that, while good enough to play in the NFL, has limitations with velocity.

As we’ve seen, velocity limitations aren’t a killer for quarterback prospects if that have the compensatory factors to their game that wise coaches can exploit in a viable offensive system. Lamar Jackson and DeShaun Watson do a great job throwing for distance but have limitations with velocity. Matt Ryan and Drew Brees also have notable ceilings with their arm velocity.

Burrow’s velocity may improve enough that he can become competent with specific throws where he struggles below. If not, he still has ways of stretching the field if he can perform at the top of his game in and outside of the pocket.

Now, it’s possible that the engagement and likes of these tweets are linked to the hour and order that  I posted them. However, I find the public doesn’t like its buzz harshed about a player they’re high on so soon after a fantastic moment.

If you’re a critical viewer and a student of the game, Burrow’s velocity deserves closer study and will be a teaching moment for those striving for complete evaluations–not only for discussing strengths and weaknesses but understanding how a good offensive fit can maximize or minimize Burrow’s skill sets.

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