Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.209: RB Trey Sermon’s (Oklahoma) Curvilinear Movement

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines the curvilinear movement and lower-body mobility of Oklahoma’s Trey Sermon, a running back prospect for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Sean Myszka is a movement and skill acquisition coach. He often uses the term “curvilinear” to describe the movement of football players. Without getting too technical, think of a street motorcycle cornering a hairpin turn as an example of curvilinear movement.

We often linking “cutting” with a running back’s change of direction. However, there are runners who are particularly good at “cornering,” or executing curvilinear movements. Dalvin Cook is one — and his style confused those who leaned on NFL Combine data because it didn’t accurately match the positives of Cook’s running style.

James Wilder, Jr., another former FSU back who led the CFL in rushing last year, is another runner with curvilinear skills.  Although I haven’t performed an in-depth study of body types in connection with curvilinear movement in running backs, it appears that height and weight don’t play a part with the movement style. Cook is 6’0″, 209 pounds and Wilder is 6’2″, 227 pounds. Rams runner Darrell Henderson is 5’9″, 200 pounds and also a curvilinear mover.

The latest viable NFL prospect at the position with a curvilinear movement style is 6’0″, 224-pound Oklahoma runner Trey Sermon. In this episode of the RSP Boiler Room, we examine a handful of plays that highlight Sermon’s mobility and movement. As I continue delving into the subject of archetypes for the position, curvilinear movers are a prominent type deserving of greater study.

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