Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.25 WR Coach Drew Lieberman: The Art of the Catch

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast hosts The Sideline Hustle’s Drew Lieberman for a conversation about the craft of catching the football and the college and NFL level.

Drew Lieberman’s The Sideline Hustle is an excellent resource for wide receiver play. A former quarterback at Mark Schofield’s alumni of Wesleyan, Drew has coached wide receivers at Wesleyan and Rutgers and works with a variety of college and pro players.

We had an excellent podcast last month on route running that is well worth your time. This week, we’re focused on the art of catching the football. Here is what we discussed:

  • Earning position to set up the catch.
  • Why Chad Johnson could catch a ball on either end of a school bus.
  • The importance of getting the head around at the right time.
  • How receivers should attack the ball on specific routes and the value of finishing friendly.
  • Why Miami’s head coach Adam Gase has a theory on finishing friendly that differs from the masses.
  • Winning the jump ball and why attacking the ball is harder than it looks.
  • Why eye discipline is the most important part of catching the football.
  • How evaluators can get a sense of a receiver’s eye discipline in practices and camps.
  • A review of hands techniques, grip strength, and the importance of the elbows when making the catch.
  • Why Steve Smith is great part 100: Accelerating with the ball in the air while looking at the ball is unnatural and difficult.
  • The importance of turning upfield immediately at the catch point.
  • Coaching points on catching the ball in traffic and imminent contact.

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