Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast No. 22 Eric Stoner: Countering the QB Golden Age Narrative

In this RSP Cast, Eric Stoner and Matt Waldman discuss if there is an emerging golden age of NFL quarterbacking. 

Pro Football Focus appears ready to pronounce this era as an emerging golden age of quarterbacking for the NFL. Eric Stoner remembers 2012, the year Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin, Andrew Luck, and Ryan Tannehill entered the league. Regardless of how compelling the excuses are for the rest, only one has definitively proven his value as a franchise player.

Stoner and I have a conversation about the past few classes of quarterbacks, the value of the preseason for quarterback analysis, and what’s in store for many of the names that have PFF gushing about future.

  • Why the preseason isn’t a litmus test for young quarterbacks.
  • Why certain criticisms of preseason play-calling are misguided.
  • Defining pivotal situations and crisis moments for quarterbacks.
  • Why we’re not in-tune with the maturity and readiness of young quarterbacks during the draft process.
  • Things Eric is seeking from the following quarterbacks before feeling good about their progress.
    • Josh Allen and handling crisis moments.
    • Baker Mayfield and overcoming defenses specifically game planning to stop him.
    • Arizona’s short-term plan for Josh Rosen is a good one.
    • Sam Darnold doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing at all but he’s getting it done but is he a slightly more advanced Blake Bortles?
  • Examining the young veterans who are “for real,” but the burden of expectations could lead to a step back before moving forward.
    • Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are in great situations for their respective talents and still have room to grow.
    • Jimmy Garoppolo also has a great situation thanks to the presence of Kyle Shanahan but will he perform well under crisis?
    • Why Dak Prescott’s challenges are the opposite of Blake Bortles before Leonard Fournette’s acquisition.
  • Who among these young veterans aren’t you ready to place in that “for real” group?
    • Jameis Winston and the leadership question.
    • Marcus Mariota and Mitchell Trubisky will be two of the most interesting test cases for the current young, hotshot coordinator market.

If you enjoyed this podcast and missed the first RSP Cast with Eric Stoner released on Thursday, you’ll like our conversation about the Raiders offense and Jon Gruden, context and analytics, and a conversation about Adrian Peterson’s comfort with a variety of run blocking.

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