Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 21: Eric Stoner on Gruden’s Raiders, Analytics, and Adrian Peterson

Former Rookie Scouting Portfolio contributor Eric Stoner joins the RSP Cast for a conversation about Jon Gruden’s offense, perspectives on analytics, and Adrian Peterson’s knowledge of blocking schemes. 

Eric Stoner has a good eye for the game. He no longer writes about football but he was the co-founder of Draft Mecca with the likes of Justis Mosqueda and Charles McDonald. He also contributed at Rotoworld and of course, spent his share of time writing here at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio.

Eric and I often chat throughout the week about the game. Recently, we sat down and had a long conversation that I will be dividing into multiple podcasts.

This week, we hit on three topics that flowed from one to the next:

  • Why the analytics crowd bashing Jon Gruden would benefit from learning more about Gruden’s history as a tactical offensive mind.
  • Media-based analytics businesses and when their context about the game can be lacking.
  • Adrian Peterson is more than a gap scheme runner.

This is a quick 30 minutes of worthwhile information. In the next episode, we’ll question the emerging idea that the NFL is entering a new golden age of young quarterbacks.

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