The RSP’s Matt Waldman Joins Gene Clemons’ Offensive Interference Podcast

Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Scouting Portfolio joined Gene Clemons on his Offensive Interference Podcast to discuss ESPN’s NFL Quarterback tiers, QB statistics, and league and societal optics of the position.

Why isn’t Russell Wilson in the top tier of ESPN’s new quarterback tiers? Why is Andrew Luck as high as he is without having a track record of meaningful playing time in recent years? Why are quarterback rushing stats devalued in quarterback analysis? Gene Clemons and I discuss these topics and a lot more during a serendipitous Atlanta meetup.

Gene, a contributor to Emory Hunt’s Football Gameplan, recently moved to Atlanta to take a coaching gig as the offensive coordinator of a metro Atlanta high school. When he asked if I could join him to do the show, we discovered he’s teaching and coaching at my rival high school.

It was a fun afternoon to return to the neighborhood of my youth and talk ball with a knowledgeable football coach and analyst who has been a guest on multiple RSP Film Rooms, including an excellent pre-draft breakdown of Breshad Perriman that foretold some of the receiver’s struggles.

Gene and I get into some timely subject matter that extends beyond football. If you found the podcast with Rich Bartel and Will Hewlett worthwhile, consider this one a deeper conversation with meaningful dialogue.

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