Matt Waldman’s RSP Tweet of The Week: Ross Cooper’s Breakdown of WR Antonio Brown

Matt Waldman’s RSP shares a breakdown of Steelers receiver Antonio Brown from recruiting coordinator and skill acquisition coach Ross Cooper.

There’s so much good football analysis on Twitter. During the past two weeks, I posted an analysis of Aaron Donald from USA Football writer Brandon Thorn and a breakdown of Aaron Rodgers’ off-platform throws from quarterback coach Will Hewlett.

I labeled them on my site as “Tweet of the Week,” but didn’t title them as such. It’s time make this an official part of the weekly content. I may not always have a Tweet of the Week but based on what I’m finding without much effort, it will be rare to miss a week.

Ross Cooper (Twitter: @GorrilllaMyscles) earns the third Tweet of the Week. Cooper is a Perception-Movement Development coach and recruiting coordinator who was one of Matt Caraccio’s guests in the Saturday2Sunday Skill Acquisition Series.

Below is an excellent breakdown of Antonio Brown’s ability to adapt to a defender mid-process.

It’s one thing to have a pay at the line of scrimmage, but Brown is on a different level to create during the moment on a route.

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