RSP NFL Lens: A Great Breakdown of Aaron Rodgers’ Throwing By A Renowned QB Trainer

Nationally-renowned quarterback coach Will Hewlett, a friend of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, delivered a fantastic thread on Twitter about Aaron Rodgers’ throwing mechanics. 

I learned about Will Hewlett in 2014 when he messaged me to praise my analysis of quarterbacks. I didn’t know who Hewlett was — and when he was a guest on a few RSP Film Rooms — many readers didn’t, either.

It doesn’t change the fact that quarterback coaches around the country have known Hewlett’s work for years. He’s consulted with NFL, UFL, and NCAA coaches and SEC, ACC, and Big Ten quarterbacks benefit from his instruction. He’s also a top-ranked speaker at Glazier Clinics and he’s co-authored a top-selling book on passing mechanics.

When someone like Hewlett takes the time to introduce himself and praise your work it’s more gratifying than winning any fantasy football league. You also feel like a fool that you don’t know anything about a guy like Hewlett but that’s what happens when the origin of your unconventional path to football is fantasy analysis.

One of the many things I value about Hewlett’s work is that he appreciates the difference between rules and guidelines. There’s no greater way to illustrate this difference with Hewlett’s breakdown of Aaron Rodgers’ game on a Twitter thread.

This is clinic-caliber work that’s worth preserving. You can check it out here:

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