News and Notes: Happy Fourth, RSP Readers…

Matt Waldman wishes you a happy Fourth of July, shares some news, some tunes, and encourages you to show your love. 

There’s a lot happening this summer around the RSP headquarters that I want to share. You may know about these RSP features, but I encourage you to figure out how you can support the Rookie Scouting Portfolio by simply subscribing and following the work.

  • The RSP Film Room – With over 300 shows featuring analysis ranging from quick two-minute episodes to hour-long analysis with special guests, I’ve had former NFL players, college players, college staff, and aspiring scouts have all shared with me how much they’ve gained from subscribing to the RSP Film Room. If you routinely check out the videos, please remember to lick the bell in the upper right-hand corner and subscribe.
  • The RSP Cast – I’m 11 episodes in, the feedback has been fantastic, and I have a lot of future guests that I’m excited to bring to the show. Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Android, Email, and RSS, subscribe to the podcast and please take the time to rate and review. Your feedback is valuable to the future of the RSP.
  • The Rookie Scouting Portfolio Site – IF YOU READ MY WORK REGULARLY, SUBSCRIBE TO THE SITE. You’ll receive emails when we publish new work. There will come a point where, in addition to the benefit of receiving links to new work as soon as it’s available, that there could be another nice benefit for those who are subscribed to the site.

Subscribing, rating, and reviewing the site, podcast, and YouTube channel are all ways you can show your appreciation for the work. In addition, I’ve launched a monthly newsletter (June through December) for subscribers to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication. The initial feedback from the first newsletter has been excellent.

If you haven’t downloaded the RSP pre-draft and post-draft publications, now’s a great time to invest in your football knowledge and fantasy preparation. According to a few folks I know with college recruiting positions, the RSP is one of the three most-read independent scouting publications among NFL personnel who visit college programs to study players. Find out why.

Last but not least, I will be bringing on additional contributors to the RSP site. I announced the addition of Mark Schofield yesterday. He will be contributing his expertise to the site and the RSP Film Room. Later this week, I’ll be announcing the arrival of a second experienced evaluator who will be sharing his thoughts about college and professional players — many who play in the trenches.

For those of you wondering, these moves have been part of the plan to return the consistent volume of content that I posted to the site during the first five years of its existence. When I left the University of Georgia to make football a full-time endeavor, I had a number of things to address behind the scenes so that I could move forward in an intelligent manner.

The podcast, newsletter, and website were only some of those things. I have been transforming a lot of my behind-the-scenes business practices, testing new ways to present information, and developing new evaluation tools.

As I occasionally mention, I often spend 1-3 years testing ideas before I implement evaluation tools into my process. This year, I’ve decided to chart quarterback games with over 2,300 combinations of possible throws. This data will be available for the first time in the 2019 RSP pre-draft publication.

I’m still working through a lot of things so the Rookie Scouting Portfolio can build on what its readers have come to value about it. Special thanks to Christopher Brown, Bob Harris, Steve Volk, Ana Jimenez, Jene Bramel, Bryan Perez, and Alicia Waldman for your ideas, feedback, encouragement, and expertise. There’s still a lot left to do, but as the RSP enters its adolescence, I’m fortunate to have you as friends, family, and resources.

And to add to the changes, I’m also moving this summer. Don’t be surprised if you see me broadcasting Audible appearances from an apartment or an unfinished basement of a house rather than the familiar environs of the photo above. While I have a feeling what’s going to happen, there are a lot of moving pieces at this time.

Again, Happy Fourth, and if you’ve enjoyed the work here, on the YouTube channel, and the new podcast, please take a few minutes to follow, like, and submit a review.

I leave you with a few albums I’m enjoying. May one suit your tastes.


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