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Now here’s a wrestling take down.


A fake, a leap, and a suplex. That’s a display of beauty.


Glasco Martin. Trey Watts, Damien Williams, Brandon Oliver. Lache Seastrunk. Antonio Andrews. I’m knee-deep in 2014 running back prospects lately. The RSP Writers Project is slow going right now, but still chugging along. And Cian Fahey has done some nice work with three pieces for our Mirror Images series.

I just wrapped up a series called Prove It that will be at Footballguys in the coming weeks. I’ll also be increasing the frequency of my posts at the RSP as we roll through the month of July.

Maybe I’m not supposed to say it, but physical, mental, and emotional fatigue hit me last month. Happens to everyone at some point. Fortunately, it feels like I’m emerging on the other side of it and expect to be ready for another big year of football. I appreciate the dozens of notes of thanks I’ve received from 2013 Rookie Scouting Portfolio subscribers this month.

If you haven’t purchased the RSP before, you’re getting something that is worth more than the hype I give it. I hate hype although I have to do more of it because I do believe in the work and apparently so do my subscribers. Download the 2013 RSP and see for yourself. You get pre-draft and post-draft rankings, analysis, play-by-play notes, and tiers along with hundreds of pages of play by play notes all organized in a manner that’s easy to find the information you’re seeking.

Best of all the RSP donates 10 percent of each purchase to Darkness to Light, an organization whose mission is to prevent sexual abuse in communities across the United States through training of individuals, companies, and civic organizations. Buy the 2013 RSP here.


First heard Surreal and DJ Balance watching a Greg Little highlight. Yep, this is how I get my pop culture nowadays – and I’m often years behind the times. Better late than never.

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It’s funny because it looks like the kids are really scared this dude is a zombie, but I’d bet most of these kids are really scared that some violent and mentally ill dude has escaped from a psychiatric ward – an more realistic thought and equally dangerous as a zombie.

The stupidity is where this guy is conducting this prank. White, black, or brown, one of the unwritten rules of cruel irony in the United States when it comes real estate is that some of the worst neighborhoods in any town are along a street with the name Martin Luther King.

If you grew up on MLK, you probably saw enough to learn that you don’t take shit off anyone. So it comes as no surprise to me that this guy winds up with a gun in his face and getting chase out of a park fearing for his life. If there were a film crew within the kids’ sight, I think we’d see a different

These kids aren’t wildlife or reacting “savagely” to the man’s behavior. In fact, I don’t think this actual “wild animal” below is any more savage than these kids for not wanting this woman to invade its space. Sometimes what we think is civilized behavior is completely unnatural.

File under ‘stupid humans’.

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When society becomes too superficial.

H/T to Sigmund Bloom


Whether he’s really onto something or you enjoy the mere fact that he raises questions, I miss George Carlin. Thanks for reminding me, Bryan.

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