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Welcome to Reads Listens Views. It’s my Friday space where, in contrast to the rest of the week, I write less about football and share a little more about life in general. I’d like to thank my avid readers for your patronage during the quiet months of late spring-early summer. I’m growing more attached to this blog with each passing month. Hopefully, everyone has been getting good use of the 2012 RSP and 2012 RSP Post-Draft addendum.

If you have a dynasty draft coming up and haven’t downloaded it, you’ll love it. I have a lot of first-timers this year that have told me how pleased they are with it. I’m also days away from cutting my second donation to Darkness to Light, thanks to my readers. Every $10 I’ve been able to donate on behalf of the RSP pays for training of an adult to understand how to combat and prevent sexual abuse in the community.

Football Reads

Two-Part Interview with Smart Football’s Chris Brown: Part I and Part II of an excellent interview of the best football analyst writing on the Internet today. I’ve read a few chapters of Chris’ new book, The Essential Smart Football, and I wish I had a few days and a hammock to read it cover to cover. Great stuff.

Speaking of great reads, I want to dive into a series of pieces that Brown recommends that are written by the man who interviewed Brown at the links above, Ross Fulton’s blog Eleven Warriors.

When you combine a physician with a football fanatic and he possesses strong knowledge of both offensive and defensive players and skill with fantasy football, you get my man Jene Bramel. He started his own blog, Second Opinion, and it’s going to be the go-to source for information that lies within the cross section of football, injuries, medical procedures, and rehab. I’m a huge fan of Jene’s work and he knows he has an open invitation to write here whenever he has time and can think of something he wants to share that fits this space.

Non-Football Reads

10 Years After Its Premiere ‘The Wire’ Feels Dated, and That’s a Good Thing

Here’s Maxim’s Q&A with the cast of ‘The Wire,’ a terrific read.

‘We are Anonymous,’ The Secret Lives of Dangerous Hackers


Directions: Place the first video on mute and then listen to these two videos while watching Adrian Peterson do his thing. Jene Bramel, you tell me he’s not cutting a lot in these highlights 😉


I’ve never been a car buff until I came across the Fisker Karma, a hybrid that gets up to 100 mpg. At a whopping $80K, I’ll be admiring it from afar. A test drive would be nice, though…
Dixie Burger, courtesy of my buddy Joe Bryant, co-owner of, purveyor of obscenely good food, and one of my favorite people. Half Pound Bacon Burger with Black Eyed Joe’s Chow Chow on top. Photo by Joe Bryant.
This is my front yard, courtesy of my wife Alicia who turned the Hermit’s shack that it was before I met her into what you see above. It was her first attempt at gardening and landscaping.
Second angle. That converted garage is the “RSP Cave.” Modest, but treasured workspace space.
Here’s the “Before” shot.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Matt. And I definitely need to clarify my Peterson v Charles comments. Definitely not meaning to underrate Peterson’s lateral agility.

    • I think it is easy to see him as more of a straight-liner at times, but that’s usually because once he get away from the trash he’s finishing in a straight line. That was one point that wasn’t lubricated last night on The Audible 😉

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