Good News on a Bad Football Day: RSP Add-on to be Ready on Friday


Dynasty owners, you didn’t think I was going to drop the ball for you on the most important weekend of the year, did you? I’m delivering good news like A.J. Green. But first a quick thought on Junior Seau. Photo by Tennessee Journalist Wade Rackley.(

Bad Football Day

I’m a year younger than Junior Seau, whose body was discovered yesterday after an apparent suicide. We’ll clearly learn more about his mental-emotional state in the coming days, weeks, and months, but I can tell you right now that his death is likely one more example why college and pro football is a hard life. Some pass through unscathed, but we can’t assume appearances are what they seem anymore.We use the word “physical,” to describe the game, but there are too many instances where the effects of “physical play,” are brutal.

The game and those that love it, work in it, and own it need to figure out a way to separate the brutal from the physical.

Good News!

I’m on track to finish the RSP Post-Draft Add-on by Friday May 4 instead of Sunday May 6. I had a feeling this would take me less time, but I didn’t want to place myself on schedule I couldn’t fulfill being this is the first time I’ve delivered a post-draft analysis.

This analysis includes a bevy of excellent dynasty league info:

  • Positional ranking cheat sheet
  • Overall ranking cheat sheet with tiers and a unique RSP value designation for each player that provides a shorthand guide to navigating your draft
  • Overall rankings with commentary for over 110 players
  • Overrated-Underrated players
  • Good Fit-Bad Fit based on landing spot
  • Long-Term Projects

The 2012 RSP Post-Draft Add-on is something I consider a part of the 2012 RSP so if you buy the pre-draft publication, which I’m confident 99 percent of my readers will tell you is a great draft day tool and 2-3 year resource on its own, you’ll also get the post-draft analysis.

That’s pretty good news, don’t you think?

For those of you that already bought the 2012 RSP, I will email you when I have the file ready for download at Just use your login and password to download the add-on from the 2012 file.

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  1. Downloaded it. Bing!

    Matt, just want you to know that I would pay for this add on as well. Just a heads up for future years.

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