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Looking for Mr. Dunn? Keep looking…

I like James, but Dunn was the right talent at the right time.

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Based on numerous requests in recent weeks, I’m now accepting pre-orders for the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. Available for download April 1, I am unofficially through with the game study phase of my analysis. I have a few more games of specific players I want to review, but it’s time to put the book together.

You can also purchase and immediately download past issues of the RSP (2006-2011) at the same link. Thanks to my friend, Mike MacGregor who helped me get the purchase area set up during my busiest time of the year.

Remember, 10 percent of my 2012 sales will be going to the non-profit Darkness to Light. The organization is committed to eliminating sexual abuse through community education. They have excellent awareness and prevention programs. I have met my share of adult survivors of sexual abuse. Whether you know it or not, so have you. It’s a difficult path that can wreak havoc in ways that aren’t even obvious to the victim for years after the act(s).

If you just prefer to donate directly – I encourage you to do so.


Robert Turbin sees NFL as means to help at home – This story is a good reminder that even making it to the NFL can be a life victory.

From the “Less Tarrantino, More Gump File”: Use of Homeless as Internet Hot Spots Backfires on Marketer I know SXSW is a big deal, and after reading the piece I understand the motivation and admire the assistance they sought to implement it, but wow…

PETA’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad History of Killing Animals: PETA killed nearly 100 percent of the animals it takes in. They claim it’s because they take the worst cases, but with a $30 million annual budget there’s justifiable thought they could do  A LOT better.


Quarterbacking by Jim Harbaugh (a great listen) – thanks to Chris Brown of Smart Football

Stefon Harris – March of the Angels


Coach Fisher, you just had to hang tight another year!!! Jeesh…

David Gallo’s presentation of the ocean – we basically know about 5% of what constitutes 70% of the world. Check out the octopus change its color, shape, and texture at the end.

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