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The RSP Caption Contest Winner is….

Having to play catch up. I thought I’d have it later in the day but I changed this entry to reflect the entry I made later about readers voting on it.


Marvin Jones Highlights from 2010 (Hat tip to for mentioning my blog and finding this highlight package). What you’ll find here are strong examples of body control, hand-eye coordination, patience and toughness (not necessarily power) as a runner, and good speed and quickness. I also think you’ll see some of the light-footed precision as a route runner.


Jene Bramel’s list of Senior Bowl participants with Scheme Versatility.

Wes Bunting’s Senior Bowl Stockwatch and the Senior Bowl’s Top 10 Prospects.

Josh Norris’ Senior Bowl Report of the offense.

The most popular books bought by Smart Football readers.


John Abercrombie trio “Bo Diddy”

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